About company

New Eco City Company specializes in recycling of used tires, selling of rubber crumbs of various fractions and fabrication of rubber coatings.

Our Company understands the importance of recycling such an uneasy product as rubber and tries to take responsible approach to this issue and concentrates its efforts in the following fields:

  • implementation of new technologies and automation control of industrial processes;
  • expansion of proposed product line of rubber crumbs obtained by waste tires processing;
  • delivery of rubber crumb from warehouse in quantities necessary for customers;
  • bringing recycling process of tires to the level where companies that sell the rubber do not pay disposal charge;

Each of these complementary fields has a single common development concept of our Company:

  • cleaning our environment from rubber products that have served their time;
  • offering sale markets for inexpensive raw materials to manufacture various products.


Our services


Recycling and disposal passenger, truck, aircraft and motorcycle tires


Production and fabrication rubber crumb


Supply of crumb rubber and other products from our warehouse


Delivery of rubber crumbs and other products to anywhere in Kazakhstan by any type of transport

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Our contacts

Our mission


Offer markets low-cost raw materials for the manufacture of various products

Waste management

Reducing the load on landfills for waste disposal, due to waste sorting, selection of useful fractions

Ecology Improvements

The solution to environmental problems. Creating an environmentally friendly production of processing tires and products

Production of goods

Produce a variety of safe and useful products from old tires.

Our production

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